Techies are SOOOO Important. Bus Lines for All!

At the corner of Navy Street and Flushing Avenue, the neighborhoods of DUMBO, downtown Brooklyn and the Navy Yard meet. Three bus lines already pass by every day: the B69, the B57 and the B62. MetroFocus/ Georgia Kral

Last week, I reported on the new Brooklyn Tech Triangle bus line — and found, not surprisingly, that workers in the Navy Yard and DUMBO were excited. But local residents? Not so much.

Shirley Knight, Betty Clay and Eddie Harpe have each lived in the Ingersoll Houses for more than 30 years. They have seen the neighborhood change and the population grow. But they don’t see a need for more buses.

“That’s just lazy. You can walk from the F into DUMBO,” said Knight.

“We’ve already got the 57, the 69, the 62,” added Harpe.

Today, Capital New York reports that Chuck Schumer wants another bus line for techies. And he wants to call it the “Nerd Bus.”

This is getting ridiculous! No?